Norwegian SOF: Forsvarets Spesialkommando (FSK)

The Forsvarets Spesialkomando

Ok, as we continue our around the world tour of SOF units we can’t leave out the Norwegians. While this video has some good footage the soundtrack is terrible. But, what do you expect from a part of the world that supports a #1 Album from David Hasselhoff? It reminds me of a cheesy action film mixed in with some adult film track.

You’ll see some static line ops with what looks like the MT1X. Let me tell you, it sucks to jump static line with a square chute! Also some great “bundle” parachute footage (guys jumping heavy loads).

The second video is pretty cool and has some good Drager underwater shots and more up close gear pics. :45 in you’ll see one of their senior Defense officials talking and he’s rocking a nice leather jacket…damn where can I get one of those? -Brandon out.


  • Lance

    Love the 416s and G-3s in service there cool combo.

  • Lasse

    Brandon, that guy with the leatherjacket is a Senior Spokesperson for the Defense, and not their Commander or even related to the unit. In the video they talk about recruitment of personel and using “action” videos.

    Their proper english name is Norwegian Army Special Operations Command, NORASOC for short. Source for this was a Master written by Kjetil Mellingen at Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, California. But FSK is pretty much what people know them as.

    Today, on a national tv channel, a show about the Norwegians in Task Force K-Bar is airing for the first time, the Norwegians in K-Bar were from NORASOC and NORNAVSOC which might give a new perspective on how they work.

    • Brandon

      Thanks for clarifying, I’ll make the edit now to reflect the correct title. Thank you for sharing. Record that show for us and upload it to YouTube!! Brandon

  • Riceball

    If I were Norwegian I’d want to join these guys just for a shot at getting one of those sweet leather jackets. I wonder if you can find them on the international surplus market.

    • brandon

      No kidding!

  • MNOR

    Nice, not more than a week ago I asked to see a piece on Norwegian SOF, and here it is!

    It’s awesome that you guys actually take the time to listen to you’re readers. i’ll definitely keep following this site.
    Keep up the good work.


  • Brandon

    We do listen!! Keep sending us your ideas. Thanks MNOR. Brandon

    • MNOR

      Ohh and btw, I think I found you’re jacket ;)
      This model is apparently approved according to regulation for use by the Norwegian Airforce. I don’t know however if this is the exact same as in the vid. Anyways, happy shopping!

  • Lightfighter

    If your looking for the hands down best in A2’s these are the guys. They have an archive of every jacket ever made by every manufacturer during the war years:

    • Brandon

      Thanks Lightfighter.-Brandon

  • Mathieu

    I really don’t mind the odd story of Special Operators from around the globe, but this is a KIT blog. Can you give us some specific details regarding their KIT instead of talking about this group or that? Could you share with us your take if you ever worked with it, or strengths and weaknesses you think there might be. It’s one thing to see glossy adverts for gucci gear on the net, but I come here to hear about what works and why – I think this would also bring great discussion from your readers.

    • reflexivefire

      I will be working on reviews for several new products this weekend.

    • Brandon

      I hear you. While we will always remain true to our roots and review the most current Kit, we are expanding our content to cover current events and Foreign Military. What you’re seeing is also a bit of a transition period between Christian’s departure and me taking over. The main reason I put a new navigation tool on the banner page (Fireteam) was to get your feedback. If you have anything at all you want us to look at or any constructive criticism please let me know I just called a regular today (David) and we had a good chat. Thanks-Brandon

  • Jake

    Is Christian on vacation?, we haven’t seen any recent stuff put out by him since Oct?. Please don’t get me wrong Brandons stuff is awesome! but i was just wondering?.

    • Guest

      I guess you didn’t get the memo…

      • HalP

        Yeah that would be an epic vacation – how long has it been?

  • Pliner

    Too funny, I’m actually doing a HALO trainup with them right now. They tell me there was a hour long documentary on them last night on Norwegian TV that was pretty well done.

  • HalP

    I, like Mathieu, would like to see more about the kit and gear involved with the guys in the posts. I love what you have now so don’t throw it away, just add more!

    I see more of a emerging here, but as a kit and gear version, which I think is good.

    • HalP-you nailed it. More gear coming soon!! This SHOT show we will have more people on the ground than ever and reporting “live” everyday! -Brandon

  • Jake

    Right at the 22 second mark is awesome and the old school still being kept alive.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Hk makes good weapons. yeah, I like the G-3 too. Never fired one but damn it looks cool. Good article, thanx.